Ok, someone has got to explain this whole Google Authorship markup thing to me. I’ve been trying for nearly a year to get a client so that his picture shows up with his articles the way one of his competitors’ does. In doing some research today to see how other SEOs make this happen, I turned to my favorite search engine news site: http://www.searchengineland.com. I see that my most recent article, “How to Stop the Panic When Asking if You’ve Been Panda Slapped” is showing up in the results, but my author tag isn’t showing my picture or my name. So I figure maybe I’m just not worthy enough. I went and pulled one of Danny Sullivan’s articles instead. I confirmed that his author tag is on the article, and did a search in Google for the article name: “Is Bing Testing Subjectship Rather Than Authorship In Its Search Results”. The article comes up second as you can see below, just under the news result. But it doesn’t have Danny’s name or picture.

But in the #5 spot, there is a picture! Of someone who shared the article on Google plus. It’s marked up like this person owns the article, when all he did was share it. I’m signed in to G+, but this person is not in my circles.

Examples of Authorship Tags Gone Wrong


So I ask you – WTF? Maybe someone who knows more about authorship markup can shed some light here?