Technical SEO and Website Audits

SEO Evaluations and Audits

Have you noticed your traffic falling? I can help you fix it!

If you think you’re in need of an audit, you probably are. Have you noticed organic traffic dropping, or not growing as quickly as it once was? Maybe you just want to check in on your SEO team and make sure they’re doing a good job. A professional technical SEO audit could be your answer. My goal when I do audits is to leave no stone unturned. I will complete a thorough inspection of your website to ensure that all elements are working properly. For all concerns that are identified, I will provide you with a list of recommended changes and prioritize these according to what will have the most potential impact. I will explain each recommendation’s importance and provide instructions for completing the changes. All websites are different, and I will work with you to determine exactly how recommendations should be implemented in your specific environment.

  • First, I investigate the core of your website. How is it structured; what pages do the search engines already value on the site; are there any roadblocks impacting the search engines’ ability to crawl and understand the site?
  • Next, I look at the stated goals of your site to see if the site does everything possible to guide the consumer to what you need them to do. I observe and take note of roadblocks in the user experience, gaps in content coverage, and opportunities to improve the search engines’ understanding of what the content on your website is about.
  • Then, I check your site for compliance with stated search engine guidelines, as well as known legal, regulatory, or privacy requirements. Often I find that clients accidentally implement changes to a website that violate one or more of these requirements without knowing it or having the intention to do so. Occasionally, I find that an employee, customer, vendor, or competitor may have done something intentionally or unintentionally that makes the site fall outside of guidelines.
  • Throughout the process, I review your site for mobile experience. The site must be accessible, the search engines must be able to catalog and categorize the content, and the consumer experience should be fast, streamlined, and pleasing.

Don’t count on tools to do your auditing. Put an experienced technical expert to work for you. Contact me to schedule a call and let’s talk about how I can help you.