Maternity/Paternity Leave Coverage

When an employee welcomes a new addition to their family, it’s an exciting, busy, and often overwhelming time in their lives. Family leave that allows the valuable downtime needed to adjust to the major life change of a new child, is a welcome, appreciated, and much needed break. It’s even better when your employees know they’re leaving their job responsibilities in competent, qualified hands.

Your options for covering marketing responsibilities

A staffing agency is an option for ensuring your marketing responsibilities are covered during an extended leave. But that option means:

  • multiple interviews to find the right person

  • time invested in training

  • a temp who may not know your company or clients well enough to provide the caliber of work you really need

  • or worse yet, someone not committed to your company’s success.

Wouldn’t it be better to have one trusted resource for all of your digital marketing needs?

When you hire me, you’re hiring a business professional with proven experience and success in digital marketing. A marketing professional who invests time to really know your staff, your company, and your business objectives. It means hiring someone who can jump in, seamlessly take over where your employee left off, and provide quality work every time. It means having a trusted resource on hand to fill in not just for your current vacancy, but for future temporary needs.

Most important, it means peace of mind for your employees while they’re gone. They’ll know their job responsibilities are in good hands, and will not be snaked away while they are on leave. This knowledge allows them to relax, focus on their family, and look forward to a smooth transition back into their daily work life when they’re ready.

Let’s talk about how I can help you by being your go-to source for professional, qualified digital marketing while your employees are on leave.