CMO for Hire

To build a modern business, you need someone driving brand awareness and digital efforts

Let’s be honest – everything is internet driven these days. Even if you know nothing about digital marketing, you can’t hide from it forever. You’ll eventually need an experienced in-house team to drive your SEO and digital marketing efforts forward, so you can effectively promote your awesome product or service and drive your company forward.

What I can help you accomplish:

When you’re ready to build your team, I can help lead the charge. When you hire me as a contract CMO, you get the benefit of my extensive experience in creating a strong digital marketing department. I can help you with all of the services below or just some of them, depending on your needs. 

Help you determine the key positions needed

I meet with you to learn about your business and the scope of your digital marketing needs, and understand your budget. I help you determine the positions that should comprise your marketing team based on your parameters and help you get the most bang for your buck.

Write job descriptions

I’ll write comprehensive job descriptions for each position that clearly align with salary and fully encompass the responsibilities that will be covered.

Source, interview, and consult on hiring of qualified candidates

I’ll utilize job posting sites and cross market the positions you’ll need to fill, structure the interview process and participate in meetings with potential candidates, and offer my insights to aid in effective hiring.

Train your team after they’re placed

Once a qualified team is in place, I implement a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of their positions to ensure they follow the processes we’ve put in place, following job descriptions, and departmental guidelines.

Set up SEO processes, benchmarks, and internal reporting guidelines

I create an outline for how your digital marketing department will work, including daily, monthly, and annual tasks, anticipated benchmarks, KPI’s, and procedures for providing reporting to key stakeholders.