Brian Dally takes the stage. Peter Shankman will be a tough act to follow, so I’m already impressed with his courage.

He’s going to present a case study to us about what happens when you catch lightening in a bottle but aren’t prepared for it.

He starts with a continuation of Peter’s concern that we’re losing the ability to write, showing a picture of the writing bible, Strunk and White. I have a copy on my shelf at home.

Republic Wireless is a $19 a month unlimited smart phone plan (sorry, it’s in a closed beta).

Editorial Note: Nice ad examples that we’re asked not to distribute.

Repeatable success:

    • Interesting Subject
      • Hybrid Calling was the subject
    • Compelling motive
      • Built offer around everything that the traditional carriers are not – unlimited minutes, data, text. No contracts. No overages.
    • Clear Theme
    • Good Characters
      • Social is not a one-night stand. You should be trying to put a ring on it. -Gary Vaynerchuck

After lunch is David Rose from Magnet Video. Unforutnatley I won’t be able to liveblog that one, but it’s a great presentation! Check out @ErinCLane, who is also liveblogging over at