This session is moderated by Ian McAnerin of McAnerin International.

Jeff Allen is up first from

  • Starts by saying they do engagement marketing, not interruption marketing
  • Shows an example of a very poor site for mobile -his own! 90%+ bounce rates
  • The next example he gives is
    • Very poor mobile experience
    • All about sales of new devices
    • What if I want to pay my bill or do something else utilitarian? Consider your audience’s needs.
    • Adobe has great landing page, but then the links go to the regular site, which is not mobile friendly. Products page for example.
    • Should we treat tablets as desktops? Shows stats from some campaigns he did. His takeaway is treat tablets as their own campaign in Adwords so you can monitor what resonates with this particular audience.
    • Brief aside, should you pay attention to feature phones? (feature phones are non-smart phones)
      • While feature phones are 63% of market, their research found that most people engaging with mobile are using smart phones, not feature phones.
    • Goal is to Create experiences engineered for mobile that are “oddly useful”
      • Case Study: Their first attempt at mobile for a nursing site performed 3x worse than desktop
      • Maybe less is more? Next attempt was just a headline, a form, and a simple image. The day it launched, they saw a 10% increase in clickthrough rate, then over time it became a 373% increase. This justified a 3x increase in budget for mobile
      • After 7 months of the campaign running, 18% of all leads were coming from mobile
        • There was a 33% higher conversion than desktop and
        • Near identical cost per lead as desktop
    • Segment by audience
      • Gives marines mobile landing page as example. It segments by enlisted, officer, and parents/mentors. No mobile site behind it, but at least you got to the right section of the site.
      • Use location targeting!
      • Try Text engagement. Don’t make them call or fill out form, just give the option to text with a representative right now!

Jeremy Evans from Marin Software is next

  • Starts with stats, but they’re all specific to Marin campaigns
    • 23% of their search budget for large advertisers
    • Smartphones outperform tablets and desktop in CTR, and have the lowest CPC
    • 4 best practices for getting mobile ready in PPC
      • Separate mobile campaigns, especially ad copy
      • Target users with device specific copy, and show that you have a mobile site.
      • Prioritize ad position – you only get 2 ads on mobile at the top
      • Optimize the user experience. Nytimes is a great example.
      • He offered a good slide with statistics, I will update the post when it’s available.

Questions from the Audience

  • How do you deal with credit card use on mobile? Answer: display trust markers, give options. Google checkout, PayPal, etc.
  • Jeff recommends 4 fields for mobile forms, but test to see what works for you.