Explaining the KICC Method of Optimization

Why Do We Need a New Optimization Method?

Fundamental SEO techniques are just the same as they have always been. “Create good content with keywords” is still a cornerstone of most strategies. But what about when you’ve created great content, optimized it as best you can, gotten all the links to it, and it’s just still not performing the way you want it to? Some symptoms of this might include:

  • Content with #1 rankings that doesn’t convert
  • Content with top rankings that doesn’t drive traffic
  • Content with a first page ranking that you just can’t seem to improve despite all your best efforts
  • Content that performs well on desktop but not on mobile (or vice versa)

In other words, you did SEO, but you still feel like you can do better!


So What Now?

The KICC Method is your answer. KICC stands for:

Keyword Mapping

Intention Analysis

CTR (Click Through Rate) Optimization

Content Gap Analysis

These are the four strategies you can use to improve your content and drive better traffic, better conversions, and more revenue as a result. Each one is a detailed process that is very time-consuming and very rewarding. This is not a quick fix; it will take months to properly implement. But the results you will see make it all worth it.

I have honed this process over several years and dozens of clients, and IT WORKS!

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and work with me to implement this process on your website, let’s talk.