An Uncompromising Vision

Stretching Our Consciousness

The internet gives us all power over our own lives. The ability to search and instantly find what we need broadens our horizons, stretches our consciousness, and informs us in a way not possible prior to the digital age. My goal is to show clients how this affects their business directly. Instead of defining what I do as “SEO”, my goal is to uncover the elemental parts of each clients’ business.

Marketing on the web should reflect a desire to tap into that power; to present your product or service to the customer in exactly the right way, at exactly the right time. With no gimmicks. My vision does not include breaking search engine algorithms down into their component parts (although I do have a formidable knowledge of them, and it helps), but to look at the search experience as a whole.

How can we adjust the content on your site to ensure that it meets your visitors’ needs? How can we support your website’s higher purpose with links into it and out of it? How can we ensure that when visitors’ needs are met, they turn into customers, by encountering an easy and intuitive form or shopping cart? These are the individual elements I prefer to focus on, bringing them together into a whole and productive user experience.

If you’re ready to learn what real marketing feels like, contact me for a consultation.