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JLH Marketing is a federally certified women-owned small business.

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Transparency and Training. Those are my focus areas. My goal is to help you do better business. Whether that means working with you one on one, training your team, working with another agency, or something else, I’m prepared to help.

I’ve been in the industry for almost 20 years, and I’ve done and seen it all (I think). If you’re looking for a digital marketing expert who will tell you what’s up, that’s me. There have been times I’ve told clients that they needed to re-think their business model, times we decided to scrap a site that was in penalty, and times I’ve found that a client just wasn’t “a good fit”. My goal is to meet you where you are; help you learn the skills you need to improve, and figure out how you can make more money from your business.

My skills go well beyond SEO and Analytics, but I’m happy to work with you however you see fit. I’ve been a small cog in a big machine, the leader of a marketing department, and everything in between. I pride myself on being able to work with your in-house people, your development staff, and your c-level executives.

I offer incredibly flexible programs since I bill everything by the hour. We can agree to a set number of hours to be used over time, a defined number of hours per month, or even a per-project cost. The thing that makes me different is that if we don’t use those hours, I don’t charge you for them. There are no costly “maintenance” contracts or “set up fees” with me.

I also don’t require contracts. While I’d love to work with you long term (my oldest clients have been with me 5 years or more!), I understand that we need to get to know each other. All I require is a 30 day commitment. Once that’s passed, you can renew as you see fit. I’ve always believed that my great work should be the reason you continue with me, never a contract.

Digital Marketing Projects and Contract Options

Because I’m a true digital marketing consultant, I don’t have set packages or programs. Each engagement is slightly different. The goal is to determine what will help you and your business the most, and set up a plan to meet that need. Some of the roles I have played over the years include:

Extension of your in-house marketing team: Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, someone wants to go on maternity leave or parental leave, or you’re between hires. I can step in and help however it’s needed, from high level strategy to keyword research. But I’ll be a lot more than just a warm body – my extensive experience in all areas of digital marketing will pay dividends from day one.

Consultant to another agency: Agencies are great for huge projects that require a lot of man hours at a lower cost. But they have to be kept in check, or you’ll be pushed aside for other, louder clients. I can help you manage your agency – help them set a sustainable strategy, develop goals, manage the day to day, and make sure they meet their objectives.

CMO for hire: You want to build an in house SEO, search, or digital marketing team, but you don’t know that much about SEO (after all, that’s why you’re hiring people!) I can help you write job descriptions, source qualified candidates, interview, set up SEO processes and reporting internally, and even train your team after they’re placed.

Reporting Analyst: Maybe you have a stellar team or agency already working for you, but you’re just having trouble figuring out how to show off the fruits of your labor. I can help you make sure your metrics are sound, develop a reporting system, and build you dashboards in Google Data Studio or another program of your choice.

Insert your need here: Contact me today to discuss how I can help you.

The Bottom Line: You’ll love working with me!